Info for Investors

Info for Investors and landlords.

The four major ways to profit from real estate* :

  1. Paying down mortgages (ideally tenants do this on your behalf);
  2. Positive cash flow net of expenses, providing the equivalent of a pension even if you own only a couple of properties;
  3. Capital appreciation from the market;
  4. “Forced Appreciation” that comes from renovating and improving properties, sometimes flipping for quick sale.


Whether you are just starting to make plans to be a landlord or have a long history investing in properties, we can help you make decisions.

What is your next step?
We’ll work with you one-on-one by first analyzing your situation, and then helping you to set and achieve your investing goals. Our main focus is to help you learn and utilize all the fundamentals of real estate investing so that you can acquire enough passive income for you to achieve financial freedom.
Together we’ll show you how to select a market and type of property to invest in, how to conduct property analysis, preparing and negotiating offers, and managing properties.
Our one-on-one approach will take all the guess work out of it, as you learn and develop your real estate portfolio.
If you are serious about becoming financially free, it’s time to talk to us.



(*according to the late Simon Giannini, author of The Real Estate Retirement Plan with Calum Ross)